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At Azreal Trading, our # 1 goal is for you to become a profitable trader. Even if you are new to options trading, we provide the education and mentorship to help you succeed in the most volatile market. We provide you with trading strategies and risk management to help you become more confident in your investment decision.


Azreal Trading has constantly serviced our members with commitment and results for over 12 years. We can trade in any style, even as the financial market evolves and changes. We recognize that every one of our members has individual goals. We provide a variety of distinct investing techniques and trading styles. Daily day, swing, monthly, and long-term alerts are available in our Discord group. To provide the finest trading experience, we mix cutting-edge trading technologies with years of experience.


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My Story

Azreal Trading's founder, Azreal, has privately helped many clients achieve financial freedom over the last decade. Since the pandemic, he's offered his expertise to the public for everyone to learn how to become profitable consistently. His mentorship has helped many become full-time day traders with unlimited earning potential.


His years of experience and exposure to market cycles allow him to accurately predict future trends and movements. His real-time trade call-out has made members of the group instant returns while teaching them confirmations to enter and exit a trade. Join us today to catch the action on Azreal's weekly Livestream during market hours.


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Reviews & Feedback

Trading Experiences

Azrael is the most helpful, proactive and thoughtful trader i have come across. Not to mention, his live stream callouts, always on point! He is changing lives, and he wants people to succeed. He doesn't just give callouts, he also teaches and wants everyone to improve to have better lives and achieve financial freedom. He's helped me loads, and i see how he helps everyone all the time. He really cares! I would 100% recommend Azrael Trading!!!


I can't thank you enough for helping me understand how options trading works. You're kind, friendly and super helpful to everyone who usually goes above and beyond to make sure that most of us take profits. 


Azrael Trading is what kept me from giving up on trading. He has been a light in these dark & difficult cycles of the market. He sacrifices so much of his personal time being available for almost all trading hours everyday in live voice chats, as well as providing helpful training sessions after hours. He genuinely cares for his trading community and checks up on how each of us are doing individually.

Simply passively trading his callouts have helped place my trading journey back on a slow & steady path back to profitability. I've made many trading mistakes in the past, but through Azrael's training sessions and daily market guidance, he's helped me become a better trader overall. There are many trading groups out there that give OK callouts, but not enough emphasis on risk management, position sizing, and profit taking or stop losses.

I believe trading in the market is a crucial life skill. And while I'm far from becoming rich off trading, I'm convinced this is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue, and Azrael is the best mentor out there


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Risk Disclosure

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Azrael Trading offers general trading advice that does not take into consideration factors such as your trading experience, personal objectives and goals, financial means, or risk tolerance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor. Keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results.